coffee roasting


Here at La Ristrettos, we take coffee very seriously.

Coffee does not start at the coffee machine, but rather at the coffee bean plantations. We select our beans carefully through our trusted suppliers in Singapore, giving us the best possible quality that the farmers can deliver to us. From some of the best regions in South America (such as Brazil and Honduras) to the African continent where we selected Uganda, we make sure the best beans come to us in order to serve our clients and customers better.

We started roasting our own coffee in 2014 out of the necessity to create our own distinct flavours and quality. Roasting coffee beans needs certain skills to turn a good coffee bean into a perfect coffee roast. Keys to the best results are striving for perfection and setting the highest standards in roasting for ourselves.

To back up our commitment, we started to sell our beans for retail since 2018, giving people the opportunity to get our greatest flavours at the comfort of their home.